10 Extremely Easy Healthy Food & Drink Swaps

by | Oct 7, 2021

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Enjoy your cravings without feeling deprived!

If you are looking for a way to enjoy your cravings without feeling deprived, you are at the right place. Here are some nutrient-dense swaps for some sneakily unhealthy treats!

1. Conventional Latte for Coffee & Cream

The Problem: Sugar-laden, insulin spiking latte.

Coffee, in its pure form, is actually quite healthy. When consumed with low-quality milk, sugar, and artificial flavors, however, it becomes a far cry from “coffee.” A sweetened vanilla latte is sugar-laden, spikes your insulin, and will have you consuming empty calories before you’ve taken a bite of breakfast.

The Solution: Swap the latte with simple coffee and cream.

Full-fat, grass-fed cream(full-fat coconut milk as a dairy-free substitute) is our favorite. The fat keeps you fuller for longer and makes it deliciously creamy and smooth. Add a little bit of stevia or monk fruit for sweetness, as these won’t spike your blood sugar. Vanilla extract and cinnamon are wonderful add-ins as well! Experiment at home to make your perfect cup of coffee.

BUY our favorite: LAIRD superfood creamer for a quick scoop and go option.

2. Soda meets Sparkling water

The Problem:

A classic coca-cola has 33 grams of sugar per can. Not to mention artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup. We all know some meals just taste best with a crisp refreshing, fizzy soda.

The solution:

Swap it for some equally delightful sparkling water! Add a generous squeeze of lime, some fresh herbs, crushed fruit, or juice. The add-ins are endless. It curbs a cocktail craving as well. This swap will keep you hydrated and feeling your best.

Try this: sparkling water with bitters (Scrappy’s bitters are our favorite! Added bonus: the bitters help you digest your food better.)

3. Pre-workout drink for Coffee or Green Tea

The Problem:

Pre-workout drinks are empty calories, full of sugar and other nasties.

The solution:

Enjoy the slight buzz of energy from simple coffee or tea. Green tea may be especially beneficial just before working out. One study in 12 men found that consuming green tea extract before exercising increased fat burning by 17%, compared with a placebo.

4. Bagged processed snacks

The Problem:

We all know bagged snacks are usually the enemy of most health goals. Chips, pretzels, skittles. Something salty, crunchy, and possibly sweet. Yes, please! These snacks are usually lacking protein and fiber and high-quality fat that makes us feel satiated.

The solution:

Make a whole food swap with an apple and almond butter, a handful of nuts, or some homemade granola. These will all balance your blood sugar and keep you satisfied until dinner.

5. Noodles

The Problem:

Bleached white pasta is very refined and low in fiber and nutrients.

The solution:

This is the easiest thing to swap in the 21st century. Chickpea noodles, lentil noodles, and brown rice noodles are better alternatives to add fiber and even protein! This will help you feel fuller quicker and prevent you from eating 6 servings of that addicting carb-heavy pasta. For some extra nutrients and vitamins try spaghetti squash or making your own zoodles (zucchini noodles).

6. Candy

The Problem:

There’s no denying candy is not helping your wellness goals. It quickly spikes blood sugar and insulin levels, which increases inflammation and make you feel hungrier.

The solution:

Try dried mango, trust us, it tastes like starbursts. Frozen grapes are delightfully fun and sweet. Fruit is really the best candy. If you can’t kick candy just yet, we highly recommend SmartSweets. This better alternative is nostalgic for all our childhood favorites. We love their sour blast gummies and peach rings!

7. Hamburger Bun

The Problem:

A conventional hamburger bun is nutritiously dead.

The solution:

Swap the bun for a lettuce wrap. Butter lettuce/romaine are great options to hug your grass-fed burger patty and give a fresh crunch to your burger. Get creative: use a roasted portobello mushroom as a bun. Slice a tomato horizontally, remove the seeds and sandwich your burger with it. Slice sweet potato in 1/2 inch slices and roast to create “buns”.

It’s understandable that some burger nights call for that pillowy bun. The best option we found to use is “Ezekial SPROUTED WHOLE GRAIN BURGER BUNS”. Full of complex carbs and sprouted grains.

Gluten-free? Try “Unbun” Their buns are the tastiest gluten-free option and are free of processed, refined starches.

8. Pizza

The Problem:

Conventional pizza can easily contain empty calories, hormone-filled cheese, and meat.

The solution:

It’s way more fun to make your own! Build your own pizza with a store-bought organic, whole grain crust. Gluten free option: “Capellos” is our favorite. Top with your favorite organic tomato sauce, organic grass-fed cheese, and all your favorite toppings. This way you control the amount and quality of each ingredient. It will be more satisfying and you won’t feel icky afterward.

9. Chinese takeout

The Problem:

Takeout is often covered in MSG, sugar-rich sauces, and low-quality meat.

The solution:

Coconut aminos make a great base for any Chinese takeout dish. Marinate your chicken, steak, or shrimp in coconut aminos and garlic. Bonus points if you throw together some cauliflower fried rice on the side.

10. Chocolate chips/ sprinkles for cacao nibs

The Problem:

Sprinkles and chocolate chips are often high in sugar and contain artificial flavors and colors.

The solution:

Cacao nibs add a wonderful crunch to sweet desserts. They are not sweet alone, but when topped on an already sweet treat like ice cream or smoothies, it adds that delightful crunch and feel of sprinkles or chocolate chips! It also contains a sneakily high amount of fiber and magnesium.

Takeaway: Choose simple, uncomplicated real food options.

You CAN have your cake and eat it too! Let us know which swap you want to try and what your favorite healthy swaps are in the comments below.

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