Hi there, I’m Sarah.

I am in love with making really good food that is good for you. You’re in the right place if you have a sweet tooth but also want a really great, satisfying dinner.

I’m all about balance and eating real food without sacrificing flavor. I work very hard to make classic favorites (cookies, brownies, mac n cheese…) taste delicious, without the sugar crash, brain fog, and tiredness that often comes from indulging.

I don’t want to deprive myself of food I enjoy in the name of “health.” Most recipes on my blog are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and generally dairy-free. Simple, whole-food-based is my motto. I also don’t want my kitchen to be a science lab full of equipment that takes up a lot of space and that I don’t use often. I try to make my recipes as simple and minimal as possible unless absolutely necessary.

I have always had a huge sweet tooth and have been baking cookies that my husband’s family nicknamed “Sarah cookies.” They are guilt-free cookies that taste heavenly. In need of a landing place for “Sarah cookies” and other recipes, I created Don’t Skip the Cookie. My food philosophy is exactly that: “don’t skip the cookie”. You can enjoy delicious food and not feel the need to skip on anything when it’s made from wholesome, simple ingredients!

I hope you fall in love with the delicious food here and it makes you feel your best!

Happy cooking! -Sarah

Healthy Turkey Chili

Cozy, warming, and the perfect one-pot dinner for these colder days. This is the best meal to prep at the beginning of the week because it will yield plenty of leftovers. And the leftovers are the gift that keeps giving because this chili only tastes better with time in the fridge! Let’s talk turkey meat.…

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